Welcome back to another season of #coachbetter! During this past crazy year, Clint and Kim didn’t have many chances to record episodes together, so they share a preview of the awesome #coachbetter conversations we have lined up for season 3! They’re all structured around our 3 main certificate programs: COETAIL (The Certificate of Educational Technology & Information Literacy), The Coach, and Women Who Lead so you can get a window into the learning in each of those programs through our episodes this year. A few sneak peeks into our shorter MastermindEd courses are included. Kim and Clint also chat about the ways that we can continue some of the positive outcomes on remote and hybrid learning to take advantage of all of the new things we have learned in the past year and a half!

Featured Guests

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Show Notes

Kim: Welcome back to another episode of coach better today. Clint and I are here to give you a bit of a preview to season three, which should be a little bit interesting because due to the whole COVID craziness, it was mostly me conducting these interviews. So I get to tell you a lot about what I’m excited about for season three and hopefully Clint will ask me some good questions. So I’m not just talking the whole time. 

Clint: Yeah. I’m really excited to like, hear this preview. I’m having a look. I’ve got a sneak peek of the list of episodes on my screen here, and I’m really excited to see what’s going on. I mean, I think looking at the list, there was maybe one, I definitely one that I was in only one, but I think only one of these episodes. So I want to know like, what are you super excited about for this upcoming season 

Kim: All right. So it was amazing as I feel like all of our episodes always are a great opportunity for learning. This season was really good because I got to chat with a lot of people who are like my idols, in various different areas. So that was really exciting for me. We’re starting off the season with Fairuza Dumas, who is the author of Funny in Farsi, which is an amazing opportunity to chat with the New York Times bestseller. I think that’s the first personal conversation I’ve ever had with the New York Times bestseller. And I really loved the, perspective of how we can bring creativity and enjoyment in literature, into our classroom with someone who actually does that for a living, so that was, that was really inspiring to kind of kick off the season. 

We have tons of COETAILers on the podcast for the whole first semester, because we’re changing up the COETAIL (Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy) registration schedule so that you can register to join COETAIL in October, November for a January start.  So we wanted to feature lots of great COETAILers in the first semester.

In the middle of the year, we have all these coaching idols that I am so excited to share with you all. I talked to Diane Sweeney, Joellen Kilian, and Laura Lipton, among many other amazing experts!

I also talked to a bunch of female leaders for kind of the third part of our season where we’re talking about Women Who Lead. I got to talk to Jennifer Abrams, Dr. Chaunté, Garrett, and Joellen Kilian and a bunch of her colleagues again. So like it has just been kind of a whirlwind of having all these amazing conversations. That’s an overview of the year for you. 

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