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In this episode of #coachbetter spotlight, Kim chats with Tim Lauer, Director of Digital Learning (EdTech) for Evergreen SD in Vancouver WA.

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How to Cultivate Teacher and Leadership Buy-In for Instructional Coaching

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Tim Lauer

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This episode starts with an in-depth discussion on the power and purpose of sharing and connecting using social media as an educator, and then how we can use those very same tools to build a coaching team to support and work with all teachers in a school district. Tim’s experience as a classroom teacher, building principal, and now district level administrator highlights the value of iteration in the learning process, and how sharing can deepen both professional and personal learning for both teachers and students.

Tell us a bit about your experience:

Currently, I serve as the Technology Director, previously I was a building principal for 13 years. My previous work was as a classroom teacher, I taught Kindergarten for 16 years.  I find it interesting that I was teaching when the Internet was just coming into being, and it was amazing to see that transformation: to see the Internet as a place to share student work.

It took a while for that culture of sharing to start:

I was lucky that when I started teaching, I had a teaching in residence at a local museum. We were able to go to a conference and hear people talk about ways to bring resources in. I went to a talk by a teacher, and he was out of Denver and he was saying ‘that’s cool and great, but what I am excited about is having a way to share what students are doing with others.’

Many teachers are still questioning the value of sharing:

When students all of a sudden realize they have an audience, that changes the game.

Questioning isn’t a ‘gotcha’ with teachers, how did you develop that mentality with your staff?

One of my methods is that you just try to be in classrooms continually if I am walking down the hallway I just drop into four or five rooms. I come in and teachers realize over time that I am just interested, that I want to interact with kids. Over time there is less stress. For my day to day visits, I have an opportunity to see what is going on, and I try to do it every day.

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