The #coachbetter Podcast is hosted by Kim Cofino and Clint Hamada. Between the two of them, they have almost 40 years of coaching experience in schools around the world, and they want to help you #coachbetter. Whether you’re already a coach, or just getting started, they are passionate about helping you take that next step in your coaching journey by sharing thoughtful professional conversations about coaching and learning with experts from around the world.

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Bonus Four: Taking a Break

Bonus Four: Taking a Break

 Kim and Clint leave you with a few recommendations before we go on a short break!Bonus: Watch the spotlight version of this episode on YouTube!  Show Notes   In this episode, Kim and Clint are letting you know that we are taking a short break and that...

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Episode 63 #coachstudies

Episode 63 #coachstudies

 Today we have another episode of our #coachstudies series, where we share a scenario with an archetypal educator and discuss how we would approach a coaching relationship with them Bonus: Watch the spotlight version of this episode on YouTube!  Featured...

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Bonus Episode 3: MastermindED

Bonus Episode 3: MastermindED

 Listen to educators from around the world each share their manifesto for professional learning.Download our listening guide for this episode by clicking here.  Follow all of our Featured Guests:MastermindED is perfect for teaching partners or teams. Check...

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The Coach Microcredential is an academic-year long mentorship program that includes 26 weeks of course content learning (divided into 8 key themes for successful instructional coaching) which enable you to immediately implement your learning within your own school setting.

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