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Created by and for coaches by #coachbetter host @mscofino

Mini courses are short, practical, focused courses designed to take 3-5 hours to complete, you’ll walk away with a new skill you can use today!

Essential Skills for Instructional Coaches

Essential Skills for Coaches is designed for classroom teachers moving into a coaching role, or new coaches who want to ensure that they have all the skills needed to be successful as a coach.

Focused on 8 essential skills of an effective coach, you’ll walk away knowing your strengths and areas for growth so you can #coachbetter.

This mini course is a perfect pre-course for Getting Started as an Instructional Coach.

How to Have a Coaching Conversation

How to Have a Coaching Conversation is designed for coaches who want to see what a coaching conversation looks like in action, as well as breakdown all the steps that coaches take to have successful conversations.

You’ll learn what to do before, during and after a coaching conversation, as well as concrete coaching conversations skills you can use today.

This mini course pairs perfectly with Getting Started as an Instructional Coach.

Creating a Culture of Coaching

Creating a Culture of Coaching is designed for coaches who want to understand the macro view of how coaching works in their school.

We’ll dig into the three phases of the Thrive Model so you can strategically and systemically implement all elements needed to create a thriving coaching culture.

This mini-course is an effective foundation for The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program.

How to Build Momentum for Coaching

How to Build Momentum Around Coaching is designed for coaches who want to understand how change management works, so you can scale your coaching practice from “working with the willing” to working with the majority of the stakeholders in your school community.

If you already have some success with coaching, but you want to work with more coaching partners, this course is for you!

Measuring Your Impact as an Instructional Coach

It is essential to track the impact of coaching to evaluate the effectiveness of the program, to ensure the continuation of the role, and to continue to build a coaching culture.

Often positions that have no student contact time are the first to be cut when budgets are tight. Ensuring that there is a comprehensive and ongoing record of the work coaches are doing will help retain this essential position.

Sharing the impact of coaching among teachers can also help build a coaching culture, providing insight into what’s actually happening in coaching cycles and directly demonstrating the value of investing in coaching with you.

Leading Professional Learning

Leading Professional Learning is designed for educators who are ready to lead professional learning and would like concrete structures and strategies they can use to plan engaging professional learning sessions for their school community.

You’ll see exactly the steps Kim takes to plan PD so you can design sessions that teachers actively participate in!

Managing Coaching Challenges

Managing Coaching Challenges is designed for coaches who are struggling with two of the biggest challenges coaches face:

  • working with reluctant teachers and
  • advocating for coaching with school leaders.

You’l leave with clear and concrete steps you can use today!


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