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Are you ready to coach?

Find out with our real-life self-assessment scenarios!

Designed to help you see what it’s really like to be an instructional coach, so you can identify the changes in your role when you move from classroom to coaching.

The self-assessment will help you recognize how prepared you are to make the move and identify next steps for your own learning

Evaluate Your Coaching Program!

The Coaching Program Evaluation is designed to help you identify the gaps (and the strengths) in your school coaching culture using the THRIVE Model for Developing a Successful Coaching Culture.

This interactive guide provides a framework for self-assessment, discussion and goal setting while guiding you through the 14 essential elements of a thriving coaching culture so you can determine next steps for your coaching practice.

Align Your Vision with Your Principal!

Get our FREE Leadership Quick Guide to start a purposeful conversation with your school leader, get specific leadership language that will resonate with admin, and see highlighted quotes from school leaders on the #coachbetter podcast who are advocates for coaching.

Learn how exactly what to say so you can effectively advocate for your role & your professional growth!

All so you can spend your time actually coaching – and make a bigger impact in your school setting.

Coaching Cycle Infographic

Coaching can feel complicated when you’re first getting started. There are so many models and frameworks to explore! But in reality, the coaching cycle is simple, and all models encompass these 4 steps.

Download our PDF printable coaching cycle infographic to post in your classroom or office, or even to share with your coachees to help them understand what a coaching cycle looks like!

Coaching Meeting Agenda Template!

If you’re not documenting your coaching conversations, yet, you’re missing a great chance to leverage all your coaching skills!

This coaching journal template will help you, plan for your conversations, select just the right coaching questions, document each coaching conversation, organize roles & responsibilities, set deadlines & expectations, manage your time, keep track of where you are in the coaching cycle, and reflect on each conversation.

Essential Skills for Coaches

This HANDY printable infographic is perfect for quick referencing the 5 essential skills to help instructional coaches be successful in their role. 

Keep your reminders visible about what makes coaching work!

Bring Self Care to Work!

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Self care is essential for coaches! For you to support others, you need to make sure you have the energy and capacity to give.

This handy infographic has 7 ways to practice self care that you can post near your desk for a quick reminder to take care of yourself too!

5 Ways Having a Coach Helps You #coachbetter

There are so many ways we can continue to grow into our coaching roles!

This handy infographic will help you articulate the value of being coached, as a coach – and you can use it with your coaching partners too! 

This PDF will help you reflect on your areas of strength & opportunities for growth, and includes our 5 Min Fri video: 5 Ways Have a Coach Can Help You Coach Better!

Set Achievable Goals as a Coach!

Set yourself up to #coachbetter this year!

This goal setting template is designed to help you set a professional learning goal, and then break it down so that you can achieve your goal within the timeline you set!

You’ll get the template, plus detailed instructions for how to build an attainable goal that’s just right for busy instructional coaches!

Keep Track of Milestone Achievements!

You’re doing amazing things as a coach!

But sometimes school gets so busy that you don’t have a chance to reflect on your achievements and it feels like there’s always more to do.

This simple, printable, template will help you keep track of your milestone achievements so you can document all the progress you make each year!

Use it for yourself, or share with your coaching partners!

Learn How to Lead PD!

Are you leading professional learning as an instructional coach?

Make sure to design your sessions with adult learning theory (andragogy) in mind so that you’re engaging your adult learners.

Plan Effective Professional Learning!

Now that you know how to lead adult learning in an engaging and effective way, take the stress out of planning your session with our easy to follow template!


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