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Move from the Classroom to Coaching!

This workshop will guide you through 5 essential skillset and mindset shifts required to make the move from classroom to coaching as seamless as possible.

Plus, in the workshop, you’ll get a peek into our course: Getting Started as a Coach, so you can see if that’s the right next step for your learning.

Grow a Thriving Coaching Culture!

After working with coaches & leaders around the world for the last 8 years, I’ve learned that there are 3 key elements necessary to create a thriving coaching culture in all school settings (and a process to follow to get there). But, most schools are missing one of the key elements – and they don’t even realize it!

In this workshop, you’ll learn exactly what’s needed to create a thriving coaching culture AND get the tools to identify the gaps in your coaching program so you can take action immediately!

Scale Your Impact as an Instructional Coach!

For experienced coaches ready to look at the bigger picture of the school to see what might be supporting or hindering the sustainability of the coaching program, and you want to make sure your school has all of the systems and structures in place, watch our workshop: Scaling Your Impact as an Instructional Coach. You’ll get a birds eye view of what’s needed to make coaching sustainable for you as an individual coach, and for your school. 

Learn what makes coaching work!

In this one hour workshop, you’ll learn the 5 key secrets that all instructional coaches and school leaders need to know to build a coaching culture. 

You’ll explore how to articulate and implement a coaching cycle in your school setting. How to have better coaching conversations by confidently asking just the right questions in your coaching conversations and smoothly transitioning between the many roles of a coach in one conversation or one coaching cycle. And how to bring everything together to build a coaching culture in your context.

Find your unique coaching voice!

Coaching conversations are an art. Finding just the right questions, just the right tone, and just the right phrases for YOU as an instructional coach, that work just right with your coachees, is a special skill. When we hear highly experienced coaches having a coaching conversation, their conversational choices seem so natural and easy.

How do you find your own “voice” as a coach? In this session I’ll share specific strategies that you can use to intentionally build your coaching toolkit. Applying these skills will have you feeling just as natural and confident in your coaching conversations as your coaching idols!

Bring Self-Care to Work!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget or prioritize the time you need to for self care, as an instructional coach, because you’re always so busy supporting others.

Do you need to find the space, time and energy to continue supporting your colleagues with enthusiasm?

This workshop is for YOU! You’ll learn how to bring self care to work so you can make it a priority in your daily work life as a busy instructional coach!

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Now that you’ve explored our workshops and you’re ready to continue your learning, see what it’s like to join us in The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program!

Get a peek at what our global community is learning right now. You’ll find their final projects, reflection posts & podcast episodes with our graduates so you can see if learning with us, is right for you!


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