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… a big part of being a successful coach is realizing the value of having your own coach …

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Everyone Needs a Coach


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6 Strategies to Build Coaching Relationships with ALL Teachers

6 Strategies to Build Coaching Relationships with ALL Teachers

We know the number one priority for every instructional coach is relationships: building them, maintaining them, and making them at the forefront of what we do.And every school year brings us closer to having those deep professional conversations with more and more of...

Elements of Coaching Conversations

Elements of Coaching Conversations

As coaches, we work with a variety of people with a variety of perspectives, experiences and needs which leads to our need to be prepared for a wide variety of conversations. Sometimes these conversations are ‘on the fly’ and unplanned. In other cases, we have an...

You Are What You Do

You Are What You Do

For many tech (or instructional) coaches,  our job descriptions are not clearly defined within our schools. We may have great external resources, like the ISTE Standards for Coaches or their whitepaper on coaching (and of course all of the awesome resources that...

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Everyone needs a coach, but you might not have a mentor available to you in your school setting …

We can provide support, guidance & personal mentoring to work on a specific goal or personal growth, with a variety of different options to choose from.

Verena Zimmer

Verena Zimmer

EdTech Coach@GESS

“Having a personal coach means personalized conversations, personalized professional learning and growth. I really appreciate that I can set the direction depending on my goals to reflect, improve and get better.”

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