The Coaching Cycle

Do you want to learn about the coaching cycle and how to apply it in your school context?

Looking to build the foundations needed to ensure success when working with others?

Are you new to instructional coaching or looking to move into an instructional coaching role?

The instructional coaching cycle is a continuous process of observing, identifying and implementing the best practices of teaching.

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The Coaching Cycle


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Blog posts

Gaining Skills & Self-Confidence in Coaching

Guest Post: Gaining Skills & Self-Confidence in Coaching

Meg Gwalchmai Guest Author The Coach Microcredential Graduate 2020 My main goals for this microcredential were to gain skills and self-confidence in coaching, as well as to know how to best support my community with their innovation and technology needs, through...

Gaining Skills & Self-Confidence in Coaching

Guest Post: Increasing My Coaching Skills

Tianna Loeffler Guest Author The Coach Microcredential Graduate 2020 My goals for this microcredential were to introduce and develop the coaching concept within the school while increasing my coaching skills and techniques.I planned to meet them by helping my...

Gaining Skills & Self-Confidence in Coaching

Developing a Culture of Coaching by Defining My Role

Whitney Little Guest Author The Coach Microcredential Graduate 2020My goal for the microcredential program was to develop a culture of coaching at school by defining my role as a coach and developing tools to help teachers.Whitney's Final Project VideoMy plan to meet...

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Our workbook covers the following topics, including resources, challenges AND room to jot down your own thoughts and ideas!

  • The Many Roles of an Instructional Coach
  • Essential Skills for Coaches
  • The Difference between Consulting, Collaborating & Coaching
  • The Coaching Cycle
  • What Instructional Coaching Looks like in Practice
  • How to Have a Coaching Conversation
  • Coaching Models
  • How to Build Momentum Around Coaching
  • Leading Professional Learning
  • Working with Reluctant Teachers


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  • Coaching Conversation Journal
  • Goal Setting Template
  • Milestone Tracker
  • PD Session Template
  • Parent Training Checklist & Template
  • Coaching Self-Assessment
  • Relationship Builder
  • See Think Wonder Classroom Observation
  • Time Management for Busy Coaches
  • Question Stems & Sentence Starters

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The PERFECT combination of 3 #coachbetter courses!!

Course 1: Coaching Foundations: The Coach Approach. Coaches use a variety of approaches to ensure that teacher needs are met. Learn how to identify and describe the key approaches of a coach and recognize when to apply different coaching approaches.

Course 2: Coaching Foundations: The Coaching Cycle. The foundation of a coach’s work with teachers is the coaching cycle. Be able to identify and describe the stages of the coaching cycle and learn how to apply the coaching cycle process.

Course 3: Coaching Foundations: Coaching Models. Having a consistent framework or model to interact with teachers is helpful. Learn how to identify, describe and evaluate coaching models and be able to apply a coaching model or framework to your school context. 


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