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Going Deeper with Coaches featuring Jess Keummerlin


In this episode, we chat with Jess Keummerlin, Innovative Learning Coach at Shekou International School. 

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Featured Guest(s)

Jess Kuemmerlin

Jess Kuemmerlin on twitter

Show Notes

Jess highlights the importance of empathy in building strong coaching relationships with members of his school community and shares some tips from his coaching toolkit to be visible, effective and understood as a coach.


Building Rapport in your teaching community, what are your routines (walking the hall, eating lunch in the staff room). “The Coaching Bank” – how do you make connections with colleagues on a professional level, not just a personal one?

Tweet deck → then talk with teacher (LIC Walk; 1 hour a day).
Empathetic with teachers; Help teachers understand the path to their objectives, acceleration.

Building a Culture of Coaching: Where/How do you start?

Being an advocate for the importance of your role;
Improving humans; human nature surrounding relationships;
Empowering teachers based on power of relationships #1 thing is relationships;
Staying motivated as a coach when you’re “the only one” who cares about tech-rich learning;
Competing with myself, not with others; not comparing against social media versions of other schools;

The challenge of being “understood” as a coach – teachers don’t know what you do/think you just have free time

Transparency; public calendars, sharing what he’s doing MBWA: be visible;
Power of the connector; classroom to classroom, division to division;

The many hats of coaching: coach, consultant, co-teacher, etc;
Innovation expert: practices and tools;
Leadership Pedagogical practice.
Emotional intelligence.
Coplanning: pyp planning; MSHS ad hoc and planned; what are your needs what do you want to focus.

What does data look like from coaching? What are you using to help motivate teachers to make improvements/changes?

Assessing tech & tech integration, how do you give it value (teacher evaluation, teacher growth): “More Than Ticking the Box”.
Comparing results from year to year;

What are ways that you make yourself invaluable as a coach? What are the things that teachers love that you do?

Empowering others; finding teacher superpowers and how they can level up others;
Macro/micro balance: help others to see the big picture.

Where do coaches fail? And what can we do about it?

Coaching can be thankless; can’t get stuck in that mindset.
Empathy is key.

Tips for getting started as a coach in a new school?

Want to become a coach: don’t wait!
Contribute and get involved;
Transitioning coach: come in and learn why things are done the way they are;

What’s one resource you would recommend and why was it impactful for your practice? What’s one resource that makes you a better coach?

Invested in your own personal development.

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