Meet The Coach Participants


Tianna Loeffler

Tianna Loeffler on twitter

I am currently in my 3rd year as a Primary and Elementary ICT Coordinator in Frankfurt, Germany. I have taught kindergarten through grade 3 as a homeroom teacher in the US, Venezuela and Vietnam before moving to Germany.

As a coordinator, my job is to support teachers and students with technology integration as well as parent development workshops and general technology support. My role encompasses being a coordinator, a consultant, and a coach though I’m not sure I wear all of the hats equally.

I have completed a condensed workshop on cognitive coaching and feel that is an area that I am interested in, and could get better at within my current job. I also feel that coaching should play an important role in helping teachers and students in the learning process.


April Gudenrath

April Gudenrath on twitter

This is my 17th year as a teacher. I started in public school in Colorado, and now teach in South Korea. All of my years are in the IB programme.

With my consulting, I found that I loved the challenge of helping teachers keep their passion in the classroom for their students. I want to take my consulting and make it my dream job.

I am currently the Media Integration Specialist K-12 as well as the Secondary Learning Commons Coordinator, TOK instructor, and Co-teacher for the Learning Labs at TCIS. 


Davidson Lloyd

Davidson Lloyd on twitter

I returned to Perth in 2016. At Helena College, I principally work in Year 6, teaching MYP English, Science, Maths as well as Humanities which I also teach in Year 7 and 8. Before this, I was teaching in Singapore (8 years) and Hong Kong (5.5 years). I worked on a pilot laptop program in Hong Kong. In Singapore, the school had laptops and a learning hub. Helena College is a 1:1 laptop school.

I have been interested in leveraging technology for learning for some time. I remember making a browser-based portfolio on a CD for students early in my career. That project took a couple of years to skill up to and I enjoyed being connected with a range of people. The technology has moved on but I continue to be excited by developments in this area.

I have personally engaged the services of a coach at various stages of my life. I’m not exactly sure where this course will take me. I am learning more about how it all works and how I can effectively support parents and staff to enhance student learning.


Nadia Lee Ellis

Nadia Lee Ellis (Whelchel) on twitter

I currently work as a learning strategist teacher in BC, Canada. Prior to this I have taught and worked as Digital Learning Leader in an IB PYP school in Tehran, Iran and prior to that as a teacher and curriculum coordinator in a British School also in Tehran.

This is my 16th year into teaching and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far. 

I have mentored newly qualified teachers regularly in the past and felt the need to up my own game in order to be better support my colleagues.


Bill Tolley

WJTolley on twitter

I currently work as a MYP Coordinator & Learning Design Coach at Daystar Academy, China & Global Online Academy. I was brought in to help with innovation and classroom practice.

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