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What’s Inside?

Inside each #coachbetter collection you’ll find a variety of resources created by the Eduro Team curated specifically for each topic, including:

  • Videos;

  • Podcasts (audio);

  • Digital Downloads (PDFs & Infographics);

  • Articles / Blog Posts;

  • Opportunities for more learning.

You’ll have unlimited access to the content in each collection – PLUS we will continue to add more content as we create it to each collection. You’ll get access to any new content we add to a collection for no extra cost! 

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The #coachbetter Collections

Do you want to have better coaching conversations with your colleagues?

Are you looking to make your coaching conversations deeper and more effective?

Do you need strategies to keep coaching conversations open and respectful?


Do you want to learn about the coaching cycle and how to apply it in your school context?

Looking to build the foundations needed to ensure success when working with others?


Would you like someone to focus on YOU?

Do you want to be a more effective instructional coach?

Are you looking for support, guidance or personal mentoring to work on a specific goal or personal growth in a particular area?


Do you need to define your role as an Instructional Coach?

Do you need to identify key elements of your role in working with all school stakeholders?


Are you looking for ways to build a coaching culture?

Do you want to empower others and build capacity in your school?


Are you wondering how to bring coaching to those that aren’t expressing an interest?

Do you need effective strategies for dealing with conflict in a positive way?


Everyone needs a coach! You might not have a mentor available to you in your school setting.

We can provide support, guidance & personal mentoring to work on a specific goal or personal growth, with a variety of different time options to choose from.

Verena Zimmer

Verena Zimmer

EdTech Coach@GESS

“Having a personal coach means personalized conversations, personalized professional learning and growth. I really appreciate that I can set the direction depending on my goals to reflect, improve and get better.”

Are you enjoying all these coaching resources? Ready to talk it through with your own coach?

Are you looking for strategies to engage and empower teachers in their professional growth?

Do you want to lead better professional development for the teachers and parents in your school community?


Are you looking for key resources, strategies and tips to help parents understand learning in a digital world?

Do you need to design a parent learning program specifically for your school community?


We’ve got more #coachbetter collections to
release soon!

Working with
School Leaders

Self-care for
Instructional Coaches

Coaches as Leaders

Coaching for Technology-Rich Learning

Coaching Essentials

New to Coaching

And much more …


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