Are you ready to enhance your own learning, sharing, and participation in communities that support, engage, and motivate you professionally?

You can do that by building your Personal Learning Network or PLN!

In today’s post, I’m going to share 5 ways you can build your PLN!

1: Follow People & Organizations You Already Know

If you’re new to building your professional learning network through social media, start with people and organizations you already know. About 10 years ago, as a COETAIL participant, I was new to Twitter and not sure how to utilize it professionally, I started following people in my cohort and my facilitator and a few people I already knew. As we were all in different schools and even in different countries, I quickly saw the potential in connecting with other professionals on this type of platform compared to blog posts and emails. 

2: Follow the Breadcrumbs

Your next step is to check out who those people you already know and trust are following. If you’re finding connections to certain people based on your interests and goals, there’s a good chance they are following people with similar interests and outlooks. This is where the networking really kicks in. You will find other people and organizations who are connected with other people and organizations and you can find yourself quickly building your own connections. 

Side note: As you build your PLN, make sure to keep it manageable and relevant. It’s not about the quantity of ‘followers’ or ‘friends” but the quality. 

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3: Search For Groups or Chats with a Hashtag: #

Another way to build and expand your PLN is, as you use your own connections to find other connections, be proactive and search for individuals and groups that share your same interests, inspire you, or even challenge your thinking. Remember, your PLN does not have to include only those in your profession. Consider connecting with others who can push your thinking outside the box or can provide different perspectives that can inform and inspire you. 

4: Engage!

Also consider how you are interacting with your PLN. Expand your exchanges with others through chats, group discussions, and online forums. These can happen synchronously or asynchronously and provide another level of interaction. Take advantage of technology to meet people from your region, country, or even across the globe to share ideas, resources, and opportunities for learning and growth. 

5: Host Your Own Event!

Finally, consider organizing and hosting your own PLN experiences. With social media and available technology and communications, anyone can organize, promote, and host their own chat or online meet up. Taking the effort to bring people together around a common challenge or idea can be incredibly rewarding and have a huge impact on your approach to the work you do and enhance your PLN even more. 

A PLN is Powerful!

It’s amazing what powerful and inspiring experiences you can have as you utilize your  abilities to build, interact with, and expand your PLNs. I’ve used all of the methods I’ve shared in building my own PLN over the years and my PLN has been a huge part of how I’ve grown, and continue to grow, professionally. Wherever you are in building your PLN, I encourage you to consider how you can expand and modify it to best suit your needs and for it to be a community where you can participate, grow, and be inspired. 

Please share your questions, comments, ideas and resource recommendations regarding Professional Learning Networks in the comments below or via Twitter @edurolearning and #coachbetter.

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