In this episode we’re highlighting some great moments from upcoming #coachbetter conversations to give you a sneak peek into our second “official” season of #coachbetter. We’ll take you on a quick tour of the guests and the episodes so you have some context for the conversations.

Not every episode is included here, but you’ll get an overview of our two key themes for the semester: how coaching can support social justice work in our school communities and how coaching and leadership intersect in many different ways.

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Featured Guests

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Welcome to our Season 2 #coachbetter sneak peek! We have lots of great episodes coming to you this semester and here are a few highlights selected from our conversations that have already been recorded.

A panel discussion about the difference between working with teams and individuals where Maggie Hoss McGrane has some advice on articulating the purpose of each meeting. 

Ken Shelton on the unique advantages coaches have when working with teachers on bringing equity and social justice into the classroom.

Dr. Sawsan Jaber, who is also part of our amazing new Women Who Lead project beginning this semester, and a MastermindEd cohort facilitator, shares her perspective on how technology access for students is an essential component for equity.

Darnell Fine, another one of our MastermindEd cohort facilitators, describing how our values are embedded in all the work we do as educators, as well as in the technology we use and how we use it.

Alysa Perreras talks about how to teach (and coach) with an equity lens, even if the subject doesn’t seem like it has a natural connection.

Allison Rodman reflecting on two key themes for planning professional learning, inspired by: The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

Tonya Gilchrest discusses the importance of building strong relationships as the first priority as a coach.

Kristin Zeimke shares her changing perspective on consumption and creation with technology.

Emily MacLean, also featured in our Women Who Lead project,  talks about how creating a culture of growth mindset starts with school leadership.

These are not all the episodes we’re sharing this year, but we hope this gives you a sneak peek into what we’re thinking about and reflecting on with our amazing guests. If you enjoyed this, you’ll love what we’re sharing on and on our social media @edurolearning. We have so many more ways for you to learn with us this academic year, check out for more!

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