Meet Tracey

Tracey came to The Coach as an experienced middle school Science teacher, and she had just taken on the role of K12 Instructional Coach for Educational Technology. When she joined the program, she was struggling because her work was primarily focused on being reactive and solving teacher problems, rather than being proactive and designing her coaching support based on deeper coaching work.

She says…

“When I started this course I felt very scattered and stressed because I couldn’t keep up with the requests from teachers. Creating a long term structure to build capacity for people was my goal to help streamline my efforts in an intentional way.”

When participants go through the program, they follow the Thrive Model for Sustainable Instructional Coaching, including phases on Clarity, Consistency and Community.

Tracey says…

“Each of the milestones of clarity, consistency, and community played a vital role in my efforts to create a long-term structure for building capacity for people. By focusing on these three milestones, I was able to create a structured and sustainable approach to coaching that supports the growth and development of teachers over the long term.”

She says…

My biggest area of growth in the program was creating clarity in my role as a coach. Initially, I was seen more as a resource provider, but through creating a mission statement for myself, creating a coaching menu, and sharing success stories with coaching, I was able to clearly explain my role in supporting teachers on their journey.  This helped teachers better understand what I could offer them and led to more successful coaching experiences.

Aligning your services to the perceived needs in the language your coaches use is the master level skill of building a coaching menu of support to help your coaching partners opt-in to coaching with you. 

Wherever you are in your coaching journey, you can define the next step for your professional growth and be supported along that pathway in The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program in a community of coaches like Tracey!

Watch Tracey’s Final Project

At the end of The Coach, all participants complete a Learning Journey Video Reflection…

Tracey says…

“This program provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to become a more proactive coach. I learned how to assess teachers’ needs, plan effective coaching sessions, and use data to inform my future coaching practices.”

Watch Tracey’s Learning Journey Video Reflection here!

Learn More About Tracey’s Experience!

Tracey was recently featured on the #coachbetter podcast in a Case Study episode.

Tracey and I worked closely together in The Coach and her professional practice has developed so much! In this conversation we talk about the evolution of the coaching program at PASD, and her own personal growth as a Tech Coach. Tracey made a big switch in her mindset and professional practice as a coach – from being reactive to being proactive – during her time in The Coach and that was a huge game changer for her! 

If you’re a tech coach and you’re wondering how to get out of the constant cycle of tech support, this episode is for you! This episode is also a fantastic example of how experienced instructional coaches can always continue to grow their skills – if that sounds like you, and you want to continue developing your skills as a coach, join us for the next cohort of The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program!

Listen to the case study episode here!

Want to Learn in a Community Like This?

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The Coach Certificate & Mentorship Program is a comprehensive academic-year-long professional learning experience designed for experienced educators who are ready to be intentional and strategic in their instructional coaching role so they can build a thriving coaching culture. This course on the essential foundations of instructional coaching and building an instructional coaching program

In The Coach we’ll support you in developing your coaching practice and program following the Thrive Model for Instructional Coaching success. 

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