This is a very special #coachbetter episode! This is the podcast launch party for Kim and Christina’s new book: Finding Your Path as a Woman in School Leadership: A Guide for Educators, Allies, and Advocates

Kim and Christina are interviewed by four of their early readers of the book: Alexandra Gustad, Rania Saeb, Sarah Plews, and Uzay Ashton, all amazing educational leaders in their own right.

These four women, along with their other early readers (they had 15 readers of the book before they submitted their manuscript) gave them vital feedback and encouragement along the path of completing the book. Kim and Christina are so grateful to all of their readers, editors, and supporters as they completed this project over the last year. 

In this episode they are sharing some of the behind-the-scenes stories of writing the book, what readers can expect to get out of the book, and their hopes as they put this work out into the world!

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Guest Reader Takeaways from Finding Your Path as a Woman in School Leadership

Uzay: my aha moment was the part about imposter syndrome, and the number of women in leadership who still feel like this.

Alex: we’re not working in silos, we’re not isolated, there are many women in this space who are going through similar experiences, but we’re all taking different pathways. There is no one size fits all. We’re all taking different pathways. We’re there to help each other through it. One way we might uplift each other is to host book study.

Sarah: The whole journey of going through the book and reading the book, it’s a huge reflective process that you invite us to go on, and a powerful transformational one that has impact. Its a powerful way for us to reframe our current thinking about the concept of leadership. If we can do this with others, then we’re really leveraging the collective efficacy of the community.

Rania: resonated with the imposter syndrome talk. The book brings together a lovely beautiful union of women, where we’re all going through a struggle, the journey to leadership, we all go through it in isolated different places, literally, but it’s nice that you get to read that you’re not alone. I love that your book centers around telling stories because we can learn so much from people’s stories. Thank you for adding the action steps.

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