We want to give you a peek inside our Coach Certificate & Mentorship Program. Coaches taking part in this academic-year-long journey have graciously given us permission to post some of their learning and reflections from the private coursework they are undertaking during this program. Where possible, we have shared the course and the action task to give context for the guest post.

The Coach Mid-Point Reflection

The Topic: Mid Point Reflection: Around half way through The Coach program, we ask participants to reflect on their journey so far. The purpose behind this task is to help them acknowledge how far they’ve come and prepare them for the Personal Project at the very end of the program.

The Task: Create a 3-5 minute video reflecting on your journey so far within The Coach. Share your responses to the prompts below: Reflect on your growth and, in our private community forum (link below) please reflect on  and share your thoughts using the prompts below:

  • Think back to the initial goal(s) you set for yourself at the beginning of this program. Have your goals changed? If so, briefly explain how/why?
  • What has impacted your thinking so far?
  • In what ways have you grown so far?
  • What are continued areas of growth for you?
  • What are you excited about?
  • What documentation have you collected? What do you still need to collect?

Watch Kate’s Video

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Read Kate’s Reflection

Think back to the initial goal(s) you set for yourself at the beginning of this program. Have your goals changed? If so, briefly explain how/why?

My goals haven’t changed for myself at this point in the course. I set out to facilitate a coaching cycle with a colleague. I think it was a manageable goal because it’s starting small and slow, and takes into consideration my personal circumstances this year. I have completed that coaching cycle and I’m attempting to facilitate another with my principal.

What has impacted your thinking so far?

I think the coaching cycle went well, despite the first timer mistakes and shortcomings. During the cycle I noted how difficult it was to fit in the planning and regular meetings with a coaching cycle. I was not very confident in this first time attempt. When I arrived for a third meeting with my coachee she had the coaching cycle graphic printed out and stuck to the walk by her desk. It was then I realized it was working and she was really engaging with me. Even after our cycle has ended our partnership continues in and out of the classroom. This has impacted my thinking by experiencing the process for myself has really given me a new perspective about the aspects of the role and impact it can make compared to consulting role that I’m comfortable and familiar with.

In what ways have you grown so far?

I gave gained a lot more knowledge about the aspects and art of coaching. However, the more I know, the more I see how much more there is to know. I can see a broader scope to the field of coaching. Going through my first coaching cycle and reflecting on the process, impact, and outcomes has given me better active listening, paraphrasing, and questioning skills bringing a clearer focus on my areas of improvement.

What are continued areas of growth for you?

I would like to continue offering coaching cycles to teachers. This will give me an opportunity to continue practicing the different skills needs for the parts of the coaching cycle the different context and coachees that I may work with. I will also see the different contexts for coaching conversations and interactions to be valid and an authentic part of coaching. I would like to improve my collection of feedback.

What are you excited about?

I’m excited to see a new avenue for my career. The world evolves as do jobs and schools. Developing my skills as a coaching regardless of the focus, strengthens my all around abilities professional and probably personally as well.

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