When you join The Coach Certificate & Mentorship Program Global Cohort , you get access to your own private mentor for the entire academic year!

This might not seem like a big deal before you start, but after participating in the program, our clients can tell you why it’s so valuable:

What do our participants say about the value of having a mentor?

Having a mentor allows you to “talk it through”

I’m a talker when it comes to reflecting. So I find talking about how that coaching call went is more beneficial for me than just typing about it. It’s something we’ve done repeatedly in these calls, and every time I think it’s beneficial, and every time I think I have more “aha moments”, part of it is the questions you ask that help me think differently about the conversation. I’m getting more theory from the Coach content, and then our conversations are about reflecting on the practice of using that theory. I can do the theory on my own. 

Having a mentor holds you accountable

I want to get good at my craft, there’s always room for me to grow. I need to make that happen. As an outcome of our conversations, I’m stretching my network base, and expanding my circle and seeing life from a different perspective to recognize what I’m capable of and build a sense of confidence in myself. There’s a stronger sense of acceptance, that even when things are not going well, I can examine what didn’t work, with a lens of curiosity so I can move forward.

Having a mentor gives you time to focus on YOU

I have to verbalize and think out loud and that’s what we’re doing when we’re talking. It’s super helpful because it happens on a different level than anyone else in my professional working environment. It’s a dedicated hour all about me. Someone is listening to me and we’re figuring out my situation.

Having a mentor empowers you to turn words into action

These ideas have been percolating to the surface, but I was never able to put them together to make a plan. That’s why you work with a mentor, that’s the space you need to let those ideas grow into a plan.

Having a mentor provides a personal touch

It was really grounding to have that conversation with you. That’s the beauty of working with you. We can take the emotions out of it, and figure out logically how to move forward.

What will having a mentor do for YOU this academic year?

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