Meet Karli

Karli came to The Coach with many years experience as a classroom educator in international schools around the world. She had recently accepted the position of Deeper Learning Coach at her school in Brazil and wanted to make sure really understood the foundations of instructional coaching as she moved from classroom to coach.

The way coaching was structured at her school was unique, in an episode of the #coachbetter podcast, Karli’s Director of Teaching and Learning, Shannon Beckly, describes the coaching model like this…

“Coaches are charged with leading the work and the learning around the science of learning. In Search of Deeper Learning: intersection of mastery, identity and creativity. Coaches are trying to bring that to life through 10 Week Intensives with groups of 20 teachers going through the journey of 3 rapid mini cycles of learning.

  • Cycle 1: 3 days of workshop style learning (set an inquiry goal) combined with 2 weeks of coaching in their classroom applying their learning.
  • Cycle 2: 3 more days of workshop style learning, then 2 weeks of coaching.
  • Cycle 3: 2 more days of workshop style learning, then an application of learning, followed by an Exhibition

Within this model of coaching, Karli wanted to have deeper conversations.

She wanted to ensure that she was providing space and structure for teachers to direct their learning experience within those coaching cycles. Within The Coach she focused on targeted specific questioning strategies to bring into her coaching conversations. She used her learning to clarify the structure and purpose of those conversations with her coaching partners, further defining her role within this broader strategic goal and process.

As a result, she immediately saw the impact of planning and structuring her coaching conversations so she felt prepared and confident in each session. Her coaching partners continuously provide glowing feedback about their experiences with her!

Karli says…

I chose the Coach because I could get an overview of coaching models instead of having to choose just one. I also really appreciate the opportunity for me to work with a mentor throughout the program, because it makes more sense where I can work with someone and having the content personalized to me, but being able to compare and contrast the various coaching models. If it’s siloed I’m not going to get the same experience. If it’s synthesized for me, it will be way more advantageous.

One of the ways that learning is truly personalized within The Coach, is that you set a specific goal based on the Thrive Model Self Assessment, which allows us to tailor the learning directly to your needs. Karli realized that she really wanted to work on specific questioning strategies and planning her coaching conversations. Learning how to be so intentional about her coaching practice, and specifically about her coaching conversations, has had a huge impact on Karli’s work in her role, as well as her confidence in her coaching abilities. When you join The Coach, you’ll be able to set a specific goal that makes the most sense in your professional experience and context too!

Watch Karli’s Final Project

At the end of The Coach, all participants complete a Learning Journey Video Reflection…

Karli says…

“I joined The Coach because I felt like a first year teacher all over again! I really needed clarity and support around the foundational work of coaching, and this course delivered just that. My goal centered around strategic design and planning for coaching conversations, and included lots of basic coaching skills. I hope my personal project video shows my growth.”

Watch Karli’s Learning Journey Video Reflection here!

Learn More About Karli’s Experience!

Karli was recently featured in a guest panel episodes of the #coachbetter podcast: “Coaching Surprises with The Coach Grads.”

On this episode, The Coach graduates, Amy, Karli, and Abby came to the program with lots of experience teaching and were new to a coaching role. In the program, they learned the skills they needed to be effective and successful as coaches – and they’re continuing to apply and develop those skills beyond the scope of just coaching now that they’ve graduated. In this episode they talk about how they got into coaching, what surprised them when they moved into coaching, the skills they learned in The Coach that prepared them to be successful as a coach, and how their coaching skills support them well beyond “just coaching” and what they believe all growing and aspiring coaches should do to keep growing professionally.

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