Wondering what some “unexpected” key skills are for instructional coaches?

Three of our graduates from The Coach Certificate and Mentorship Program share their top skills – and sometimes it wasn’t what they expected before they started coaching!

1: Understand the Coaching Stances

Amy says…

As coaches, we wear a lot of hats, we’re often asked to do different things. The three stances of consulting, collaborating and coaching. Being able to compartmentalize for myself. Sometimes I got caught up in worrying that I was spending too much time consulting. Being able to see how different parts of my day supported coaching in the big picture.

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2: Understanding Adult Learning

Karli says…

The most important mindset shift for me was “it’s not about me” and all the subset skills that go along with that. It’s about the teacher with whom I’m collaborating and coaching. If that’s my focus, the skills I need to develop are listening and questioning. When I started the role, I came in with this problem solver mentality and that doesn’t work. When people are reluctant to be coached. My steepest learning curve was how adults learn. They’re the focus, it’s my job to listen to what they need & meet them where they’re at. I’m of service to them. Also releases me from any tie to an outcome.

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What’s YOUR level of coaching mastery?

All coaches go through various stages of coaching mastery. Once you identify where you’re at, you can begin to build the skills needed to move to the next stage.

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3: Learn How to Coach Heavy & Measure Your Impact

Abby says:

As a newer coach, I decided early on for my personal project to be about developing my coaching skills. I felt like I was coming in able to build relationships, for me it was about how I could push teachers more and really understand what they are needing. I focused on my questioning and listening skills. Focused on shifting to coaching heavy and relying on data.

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Which skills are essential for you, right now?

These three skills are a great overview of how you can grow in your coaching practice. Even as experienced coaches, we can always continue to explore more ways to #coachbetter! That’s what this podcast is all about!

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