We want to give you a peek inside our Coach Certificate & Mentorship Program. Coaches taking part in this academic-year-long journey have graciously given us permission to post some of their learning and reflections from the private coursework they are undertaking during this program. Where possible, we have shared the course and the action task to give context for the guest post.

The Coach Mid-Point Reflection

The Topic: Mid Point Reflection: Around half way through The Coach program, we ask participants to reflect on their journey so far. The purpose behind this task is to help them acknowledge how far they’ve come and prepare them for the Personal Project at the very end of the program.

The Task: Create a 3-5 minute video reflecting on your journey so far within The Coach. Share your responses to the prompts below:

  • Think back to the initial goal(s) you set for yourself at the beginning of this microcredential program. Have your goals changed? If so, briefly explain how/why?
  • What has impacted your thinking so far?
  • What are you excited about?

Reflection by Debra Hernanz, Lower School Education Technology Specialist, Oregon Episcopal School, Portland

At the start of the program I was interested in ways to define my role within my division and in the school overall. This is still a priority. Through the personal project I have another goal of creating a digital literacy program for my division.

I’m excited because I see this as a means in the path to the definition of my role. In terms of thinking I’ve become more focused on where I’m spending my energy professionally. I think it’s because the course aligns so well with what is happening in my work. I’m spending my time reading here vs looking for other resources to support my learning. I’ve mentioned to Kim I’ve gotten a lot out of the cohort reflections along with the course readings. I still think it’s important to keep current elsewhere but right now I’m into this and that’s okay.

Watch Debra’s Video

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After working with Kim as a personal mentor it was time to grow in a new way. The Coach offered new opportunities to connect, learn and still have the benefit of a coach. One of the things that I’ve discovered in the Coach is that your professional objectives also bleed into the personal life. So in terms of managing stress balance and gratitude, I’ve gained quite a few personal rewards along with professional advancement. And I’m looking forward to the future. Thank you.

Debra Hernanz, Lower School Educational Technology Coordinator

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