Do you do classroom observations as a coach?

Have you ever thought about them being an opportunity to build leadership skills?

They are!

As a coach, lesson observations can be part of an established coaching cycle or can provide an opportunity to gather evidence and data for a colleague that can lead to a more focused coaching partnership. 

As a leader, you may do observations as part of an evaluation but approaching them from a coaching stance can help build your work with educators as an instructional leader. 

Today, I am going to share questions to consider before, during, and after a lesson observation to help ensure that your observation goes smoothly!

1: Before the Observation

What do you need to clarify before you go in so that you can do the right thing?

  • Observing for their benefit, not as part of an evaluation
  • Focusing on what they want data / feedback on
  • Logistics (especially setting up follow up)

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2: During the Observation

What do you need to keep in mind during the observation?

  • Recognizing that teachers will be vulnerable, you’re coming in with an air of authority whether you’re a coach or a leader, so you want them to feel comfortable
  • Keep focus on what the teacher requested (even if you see something else)

3: After the Observation

What needs to happen after the observation?

  • Present the data without judgment / feedback
  • Allow the teacher to come to their own conclusion
  • Determine next steps

Whether you are a coach building your leadership skills or an aspiring leader building your coaching skills, lesson observations are a critical part of our interactions with teachers and can build and sustain positive relationships with teachers and impact the perceptions of our role in our school community. 

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